When we think of weddings, we always think of the bride. From the dress to the hair to the shoes, the bride gets most of the attention as she celebrates being a princess for a day. This week, however, we throw focus on to the male of the species and how to get the perfect groom look. Whether your man is a dapper man-about-town, an urban hipster or a traditional gent, we’ve got the best tips for making him look the part on his big day.

Suit Up

Arguably the most important part of the groom’s overall look, moreso than hair, shoes and accents, is the suit. A well-cut suit in the right colour can turn any man into a suave and sophisticated groom, but how do you decide what style, cut and colour to go for? The first step is identifying your style and the look you feel most comfortable with. Country-loving gents may opt for a traditional tuxedo with tails, whereas an urban man-about-town might opt for something more unusual, like coloured trousers and a fitted blazer. Hipsters may choose to throw caution to the wind and go for tweed and bow ties whereas the dapper man may want something more clean cut, a la Mad Men.

Once you’ve chosen the style that best speaks about your personality, you can decide whether to hire or buy. Both have advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered. For example, hiring a suit may be a more economical choice considering you may only wear it once but the chances are it won’t fit as well as a new suit, and it may be a turn-off to know that many other grooms have had their special moment in the same attire. Buying a suit can be expensive, but it is the only way to get a truly perfect fit. Depending on what style you’ve decided to go for, it may be possible to work your suit into different looks after the main event too. For instance, the blazer could be worn with jeans, or the trousers with a polo shirt and the addition of a waistcoat could accentuate a range of looks. Think carefully about what works for you, but we recommend splashing out on a great fitted suit – why should the bride be the only one with a brand new outfit?!

Top Off the Look

Once the groom has carefully selected his suit, there are all manner of accents and accessories that can really help to create a quality style. Firstly, the tie – will it be a traditional cravat, a bow tie or skinny tie? Traditional grooms may opt for the three-piece suit and cravat to give a sophisticated vintage look. Hipster gents who want an alternative look could match their tweed jacket and colourful turned-up trousers with a great bow tie, and the suave 1950s style groom can top off their suit with a skinny tie. The colour of the tie, whatever style you choose, should match the colour scheme of the wedding whether that be the same as the flowers or the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Other important accessories to consider are socks and shoes. The groom will be wearing his shoes all day, including for the first dance, so they should be comfortable enough to last for the ceremony and reception. Again, there is room for choice when it comes to the groom’s shoes, traditional suits can go with traditional shoes, whereas a funky indie groom might choose blue suede shoes or bright green winkle pickers – the choice is up to the groom (with a little insight from the bride, we’re sure). Socks should be breathable and not too tight and always take a spare pair of comfortable plain socks and shoes for later in the day, just in case.

Plan Ahead

The bride may not be able to wear her wedding dress out and about shopping or to a club, but the groom can work his wedding attire into many different looks for the future. If you’ve splashed out on a clean cut suit fitted to your figure, you can work it into your work wardrobe as a great new business suit. Just take away the waistcoat and add a coloured tie to change the whole look. Add the waistcoat over a collarless shirt and chinos for a cool look for weekend events, or wear it with jeans and sneakers to create a contemporary stylish city-boy look. Trousers can also be mixed and matched with different items from your wardrobe, as we said before just add a polo shirt and and a pair of espadrilles and you’ve got a laid back, nautical-style look for the summer.

Grooms may sometimes feel sidelined as their future wife takes centre stage in a white dress and veil, but there are many ways to stand out from the crowd and be just as eye-catching on your big day. Choose a style that speaks about your personality as a couple, and enjoy the fun of being the center of attention, in a killer suit!