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Blokes n’ Brollies: Top Umbrella Styles for Any Men’s Look

We are loving the current state of men’s fashion! So many styles mean there is no excuse for the man in our lives not to look fashion-forward and ready for the catwalk, even if they’re just going to the pub! We’ve also noticed that some of the fabulous looks we have seen have been made even more stylish with the use of umbrellas as an eclectic accessory. This week, we discuss men’s fashion and how to get your other half looking brilliant with a brolly, no matter his style!

City Slicker

City boys who love the cosmopoliton look of a sharp suit and tie with perfectly-shined shoes can channel their inner 50s heartthrob with a Mad Men inspired classic umbrella. One or two in relatively dark shades can match a range of suit colours and help add a bit of straight-laced manly charm to a look. Not only will it add to the look, but it will keep that perfectly quiffed hair dry, keeping your city slicker looking great from nine til five and beyond. Our Knightsbridge City Stripe Navy Walking Umbrella is perfect for replicating that suave Don Draper look.

Mister Hipster

The hipster look is the style of the moment, with many a plaid shirt, skinny jean, nerd glasses and epic beard being seen on the catwalk and the high street. For this look, the idea is to not appear to be trying too hard, so a funky vintage umbrella in a muted shade of brown or dark green works with the earthy tones usually seen on hipster gents. Brollies are a great accessory for the hardened hipster, who will often revel in the more traditional aspects of fashion. The Olive Gents Walking Umbrella has a classic vintage-style handle and the earthy colour is bound to hit a high note with the hipsters.

Fashionista Fellow

If your other half is a dedicated follower of fashion, a statement umbrella will add to the look and create a real talking point – which is probably just what he wants! Designer brands and bright colours are a great way to turn a practical accessory into a highly sought after addition to his wardrobe. A blazer and jeans with a brightly coloured scarf or pocket handkerchief can be matched with a simlar colour of brolly, making an eclectic high-fashion look. The Beige Swirl Umbrella is unusual and eye-catching without being too busy as to detract from the look as a whole.

Urban Outfits

The inner-city urban look is not one that you would immediately think of pairing with an umbrella, but lovers of the style can find funky and fun brollies to keep them dry whilst still matching their look. Trendy trainers, expensive jeans and designer hoodies can be accessorised with fold-up brollies which can also keep them dry. Our Clear Dome Vinyl Record Umbrella is a fun design which is sure to be cool enough for discerning urban teens.

Sporty Someone

Rain or shine, the sporty man in your life will get out and active no matter what the weather has in store! He can look good and stay dry with one of our massive selection of durable folding umbrellas, available in a range of styles and colours to match his gym clothes or just to make sure you can spot him through the rain on his way up the street! Our Red Blunt XS Metro Umbrella is a hardy choice which is resistant against strong winds and keeps its shape, perfect for keeping active all year round.

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