We’ve written about the big macro trends of 2016 – long sleeves, antique themes and the controversial no-phone wedding of the season. However the micro trends can also make a big impact and are just as interesting to follow. Brides Magazine has some great small trends making big wedding waves.

Metallic Add-Ons

Silver, gold and copper are easy to combine into your wedding and complement a number of other themes, colour schemes and styles. Plus of course they add a touch of glitter and glamour! So a metallic touch dotted throughout your wedding is very much in.

Quirky Foods

We’ve seen food trucks, fish n’chips, potato stations, buffets, make your own pick n’ mix and dessert tables increase in popularity through recent years. There truly is an abundance of unique and new food choices available for newlyweds. And as food choices become more quirky, anything goes at a wedding. There’s also a move toward in-season and sustainable wedding food as environmental awareness increases.

Personalised Coffee Beans

For wedding favours we love a personalised umbrella – it can keep guests dry on the wedding day and provide a wonderful (and useful) memento with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date branded on for years to come. However, we digress!

Coffee beans are a new micro trend to hit the modern wedding – and what better way to nurse the hangover and reminisce over the previous day’s celebration?

Crystal Clear

Just as edible rocks that mirror the look of crystal are gaining popularity in wedding cakes since the trend first began in Australia, so too are glimmering crystal like rocks to adorn wedding place settings and reception venues.

As Good As a Movie

Lastly, if you’ve got a few pounds to spare... or a colossal £5,000 to be more precise! You can get your very own wedding movie created. A husband and wife team with a career background in film and TV production will put your wedding day into a movie, and everyone can reminisce about the event at a private screening afterwards.

It’s the little things after all.