There are only a few accessories that a man definitely needs in life – and a strong durable umbrella is just one. At Jolly Brolly there are many quality golf umbrellas and an assortment of gents’ umbrellas to choose from.

Just why do we think the modern gent needs an umbrella? Picture this: walking into a meeting, soaking wet, with your tiny collapsible umbrella broken. A gentleman needs a more refined tool than a little umbrella.

Collapsible umbrellas are useful if you’re caught unawares, and small enough to keep in a briefcase or satchel, but they look a bit ridiculous when carried with a business suit. Plus, a small collapsible umbrella is not as durable, and are quickly replaced.

A proper gents’ umbrella won’t break with a sudden gust of wind or in torrential downpour. They are made to last, but you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on it. Jolly Brolly has great quality, affordable and durable golf and gents’ umbrellas to choose from.

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Photo by: Dave Bleasdale