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The NEW Rules of How to Behave at a Wedding

We came across a brilliant article in The Knot about the rules of etiquette at a wedding…and how they’ve changed with the advent of modern technology. Read on for the NEW rules of wedding etiquette!

Stay Unplugged

Since one wedding photographer aired his annoyance at wedding guests getting in the way of the professional photographer’s lens went viral, having an “unplugged wedding” has become a trend. This means if your bride and groom request it, you don’t take any photos on the big day – leaving it up to the professionals to capture the moments of a lifetime for you.

Social Media Last

If you’re lucky enough to be proposed to by your love, remember to call your parents before you post your big news to social media! There have been many occasions of loved ones finding out about the pending nuptials of their son or daughter through Facebook or Instagram, so go old fashioned and give everyone you want to know first a call before posting the news out to the rest of cyber space.

Engagement Ring Etiquette

EVERYONE wants to see the ring! In fact it’s the first thing we ask when we hear of an engagement. However they don’t want to know the price or the carat – so keep those details to yourself, it’s no one else’s business. Additionally, you can even get “engagement manis” now – a manicure to ensure THAT photo has your ring showing off its best side for all to see.

Traditional Invites

Amidst the barrage of email we receive daily into our inboxes, a traditional paper wedding invitation can really add to the ceremony of the event and get people excited as supposed to a digital one. I wouldn’t be surprised if it encouraged guests to RSVP sooner too – seeing the effort that’s gone into making the invites so special.

Keep Certain Things Private

Be careful of posting a public Facebook post should you have trouble with your guests or any other aggrievance during the preparation phase of your wedding day – you never know who might see and what it might lead to later.

Plan Your Social Media

Last but not least, The Knot recommends assigning a “tweeter” or “poster” of honour. You won’t have time to post updates of the big day, so assigning one can be a great way to make sure they’re seen! Additionally, some couples set up their own wedding hashtag now for Instagram so get the word out and be sure to see some wonderful updates and photos (if allowed!) to cherish on the big day.

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