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The Must Have Accessory in the UK: The Umbrella

I bet you can’t name the UK’s rainiest city? That’s because it changes from year to year with Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff all topping the charts recently. Safe to say the UK has its fair share of rainy days- so it comes as no surprise that the little umbrella has been an essential accessory for years and years!

Although not everyone’s favourite companion, we think their pros far outweigh their cons!

Umbrellas Make for a Great Dance Show

Umbrellas have been used as props for many a musical- from school production all the way up to West End. I mean let’s face it- they make a great dance aid!

When dressing for the rain becomes second nature in the UK the best you can do is have a little fun with it. We won’t tell if you decide to use your umbrella for your own private audition for dancing in the rain. You might as well enjoy your rainy day after all!

They Brighten Up a Gloomy Day

Although the most popular umbrella colour by far is still black- there are tons and tons of bright colours and patterns available and we couldn’t think of anything better than a colourful mini umbrella to help brighten your day!

If you’re shopping for you choose a nice bright canopy to help take your mind off the rain. Or if you are looking for a mini umbrella for your little one choose one of our many great patterns for puddle hopping!

They Bring Us Closer Together

If you’re not a secret performer and prefer something a bit more understated- your classic umbrella also makes your average stroll super romantic. There are tons of styles with canopies that comfortably fit two people. Even if your brolly is standard size- all the more reason to cosy up that little bit closer with your loved one!

Or if you don’t fancy cosying up- there is something extra special about a loved one being generous enough to give up their umbrella entirely to ensure your dry-ness. Our heart melts for all the dads and brothers getting drenched to keep their special ones dry!

Let’s Face It… We Need Them

And the biggest pro of them all- umbrellas are just plain ol’ practical. We’d much rather have a mini umbrella to hand than try (and undoubtedly fail) to rock the drowned rat look… running mascara and all!


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