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Style It Out - Must-Have Wedding Dress Accessories

You have found your dream dress, the next step is what to accessorise it with - what are your options and what will look good? Here is our guide to accessorising your wedding dress.

Matching Your Metals

You might not realise this, but some metals look better with certain dress colours, Ivory is often paired with gold since it highlights the cream tone of fabric, If you have gone for a pure white dress choosing accents in silver or platinum is a better option as gold might clash with the brighter whiter hues.

Less is More

We know it's a bit like a kid in a candy shop when girls go wedding accessories shopping but you don't need a veil, tiara, earrings, necklace and sash. Adding accessories are to add just a touch extra to your look and not to steer away attention from the dress. If your dress is really busy anyway with a lot of embellishments then adding only small amount of accessories will make your look more flawless and classy.

Alternative to a Veil?

If you don't want to go for a traditional veil there are other options and routes to take to make your hair be an accessory as well. Choose a hairstyle before adding an accessory though as you want it to work with your hair and not the other way round. A flower crown is a great example as you will want to wear it with your hair down. Make sure that whatever you pick feels secure while you're moving around and dancing as you don't want to have to keep adjusting it all day.

Take your neckline into consideration

Pairing your dress neckline with a proper adornment can add character to your overall look but there are some ways to do it which will help accentuate your look better than others.

Sweetheart or strapless: For something a little different, skip the option for a necklace altogether and opt for an elegant pair of drop earrings instead. Wearing clear crystal will give you a more sleek look or you could use this to add a punch of colour. A lot of brides who pick a dress with this type of neckline often feel they need a necklace but can often look more elegant choosing something else.

V-neck: Whether you opt for a pendant or a choker, this type of style really begs for a little decoration. A really thin chain with a simple pendant is an elegant way to accessorise, white pearls are again a classic look. However if you decide you want a more decadent look a crystal choker could be perfect too.

Halter: For this style it's all about the shoulders so we recommend skipping the necklace altogether. Headbands are a brilliant way to add panache to your wedding updo.If headbands aren't quite your style you can try and incorporate some sparkle to your hair with crystal hair pins instead.

Added Extras

When completing your look there are other added accessories than can help you achieve this, Having a small bag or clutch to match your style. Holding a wedding Umbrella will not only help you keep protected from both rain or bright sun rays but also looks great in photos too.

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