People are being invited to join in with the chance to name storms that arrive in the UK and Ireland in a fresh move from the Met Office.

A beautiful storm appearing over a green field with cows in it near Jollybrolly HQ.

Members of the public will have the opportunity to send over an email with potential names to the Met Office, as well as sending them in using social media, via Facebook and Twitter.


The idea behind the #nameourstorms initiative is to hopefully assist in raising awareness of severe weather and make sure people take adequate steps to protect themselves and their property before these storms arrive. And naming the storms will, with any luck, achieve this.


The Met Office and Met Eireann in Ireland are working in conjunction with one another to launch the pilot project over the autumn and winter seasons this year.


Not all bad weather will be given a name; it will be reserved for specific storms that are said to have the potential to cause 'medium' or 'high' impact through winds in the UK or Ireland.


If you think you have a name that the Met Offices would want to use, they can be sent in through the Met Office Facebook page, tweeted to @metoffice (don’t forget to use #nameourstorms), or via email.


The entrants will then be gathered to form a list that will feature those proposed by Met Eireann and will be subsequently taken from this list, in alphabetical order, alternating between male and female names.


For now you can keep your dome umbrellas indoors, with the Indian summer on its way, but be sure to have them ready for when these storms pay a visit!