Every year, on August 27th, people all over the world take the time to rejoice because it’s National Just Because Day. This is a perfect excuse for you to push the boat out in any way you feel like, because, after all it’s National Just Because Day… but wouldn’t it be better with an umbrella?

A wedding umbrella from Jollybrolly

The majority of us will all do things we have to, that are required of us, and do what people expect us to do. But today marks 24 hours when this does not apply. Why not take advantage of a day when you can do something out of the ordinary?


For example, there could be that pair of shoes you wanted, so go get them! Just because! Perhaps there’s that holiday you’ve been longing to book and you’ve been holding back? Maybe you’ve spotted the perfect wedding umbrella you want for your special day; get it today! Just because! Let’s be honest, the list is endless for possible ways, options, and things you can do to get your ‘just because box’ ticked today, so go wild, we said you could!


The history of National Just Because Day

The heritage of National Just Because day points to an “unofficial” national holiday that was originally created by Joseph J. Goodwin of Loas Gatos, California, during the late 1950′s. It was an idea that started off as a family holiday and evolved into an annual celebration across the United States and then further afield!