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It’s national walk to school month

Hundreds of children are getting active as October brings International Walk to School month. As school pupils across the UK join forces with more than 40 other countries worldwide, they unite to support the benefits of walking, and to encourage a new walking generation.

Wear Supportive Shoes
Your child’s feet need to be protected when they walk, it really is important. Protecting their feet means making sure each shoe has a little extra space for the foot to move and breath, and that the heel of the shoe is supportive. Flat shoes offer more protection than shoes with heels, but trainers or a correctly fitted pair of leather shoes really are the most supportive.

Wrap Up Warm
October is a wonderful, autumnal month, filled with beautifully crisp, fallen leaves, and exciting conkers for you to collect. However, October also brings cooler temperatures and nippy winds. Make sure your little one is wrapped up warm, and is definitely wearing a coat. Add a little extra warmth with a comfy scarf and some cute, woollen gloves.

Follow The Green-Cross Code
Road safety is so important and following the Green Cross Code will make sure your child is protected whilst they cross roads.

Think: Think before you cross the road – is this is safe place? Is there a lolly-pop lady nearby?
Stop: Stop about two big steps away from the pavement.
Look: Look around at the traffic. Watch the traffic and wait until the traffic appears to stop.
Listen: Listen carefully for any approaching traffic that you cannot see. Is it safe to cross?
Cross: Cross the road, but only if it is safe to do so. Make sure you look both ways whilst you are crossing the road. Cross quickly and safely.

Pack Your Umbrella
The British weather is so unpredictable and the last thing you want is for your little one to get soaked on their way to school. However, a little rain shouldn’t spoil their journey, especially as we sell a fantastic range of umbrellas for kids, which your little one will love. Visit our website for more information.

If you would like to get involved in International Walk To School month then check out the following website.

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