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Need A New Umbrella For Winter? Here's Everything You Need To Know

Back in the day, if you needed a new umbrella for the season then a simple black canopy with a long handle would probably do the trick. But in recent years there have been several innovations of design and engineering applied in order to create the best brollies yet!

One of the most dramatic changes for umbrellas is the method of opening. Manual brollies are opened and closed by the ring on the shaft, however, in recent years automatic umbrellas have come onto the scene.

With a simple push of a button you can open your brolly faster and more efficiently, especially if you only have one hand available at the time. Even more exciting there are now umbrellas that automatically open and close with one button! Now that's engineering.

Another option you will have to consider is whether you want a traditional stick brolly or a folding one. Folding umbrellas are also marketed as compact or handbag umbrellas. Folding umbrellas are a lot more convenient but often these aren't as sturdy and durable as the traditional style.

The majority of brolly canopies you will see on the market will be made of nylon. It’s durable, freely available, cost effective and lightweight, everything you really need for an umbrella canopy.

If you an avid golfer then you will probably know the struggle of playing the rain either with no umbrella whatsoever or with just a standard size one. Umbrella manufacturers often produce purpose built golf umbrellas which are a lot larger than your usual umbrella canopy. This is to ensure that both the golfer and all their equipment stays dry on those wetter days on the course.

Umbrellas have gone from just a functional accessory and more of a fashion item, these types of umbrellas are meant to be able to make more a personal statement or even match for coordinated apparel. When selecting a fashion brolly you will find a wide range from the quality and durability to styles, colours and patterns.

When choosing an umbrella for more of a fashion statement consider using a reputable umbrella company who will endorse products with a warranty.

So before you put your money down for a new brolly for this winter, it is important to consider your lifestyle and your individual use for an umbrella which best suits you and your lifestyle.

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