The world’s first smart umbrella has arrived and the results will amaze you, offering weather alerts, and a navigation system that means you will never lose your brolly again!



‘Mr. Jonas’ is the name of this new innovation, created by the digital accessorise company ‘Fantastick’, and this marvellous creation will be released later this week, showing the world a fusion of classic styling and modern technological advances, all run on just four AA batteries.

This umbrella will be released in collaboration with an app, which will alert you through your smartphone if you leave your trusty ‘Mr. Jonas’ behind, be it at a train station, work or in the supermarket. This ensures that you’ll never leave your trusty companion behind, as it also sends alerts when the weather takes a turn, you’ll never leave the home un-prepared again!

This umbrella sits at the height of brolly technology, but also brings along a hefty price tag of around £80. However, new research has revealed that in an average person’s lifetime they lose three to five umbrellas, costing an average of £80 in total. Therefore, maybe this new creation could be the way forward.

Watch ‘Mr. Jonas’ in action below and see his friendly face at work!

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Video and screenshot: Michelle Hughes/Rocket News 24