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A new smart umbrella tells you when you will need it

You won’t need to double check the weather forecast with a new umbrella that tells you when you will need it. The TARAbrella is a stand-alone umbrella that can tell when it will rain.

We have seen many umbrellas with extra gadgets on them that make them unique. This new umbrella design, doesn’t need any extra apps or to be connected to your smart phone, but has all its weather predicting gear included.

When you don’t use it, the TARAbrella sits on a wall-mounted charging cradle. While hanging, it uses a built in barometer to monitor the atmospheric air pressure, once every 35 seconds. It also tracks humidity using a built in hygrometer. A microprocessor then processes the two sensors data and creates a weather forecast.

Anyone using the umbrella are then alerted via an LED display that changes colour, with solid blue warns of a downpour.

However, the TARAbrella might not be 100% accurate, so to stay dry, just pick up a Jolly Brolly’s men’s umbrella or ladies umbrella so you can always be prepared.

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Photo by: TARAbrella

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