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The new trend of a lopsided umbrella

Umbrellas have been around for centuries and have been keeping us dry for all the rainy days, and their simply circular dome shape is so effective.

Yet there are always developments and changes to make them better, either their shape, the material, or extra gadgets attached. One of the newest trends is a lopsided umbrella called The Senz that is longer at the back – giving a little more protection from the rain.

Designed by Dutch designer Gerwin Hoogendoorn, the shape mimics aerodynamic shapes, which makes the umbrella more resistant to the rain and wind. The lopsided umbrella means there is less chance of it blowing out the wrong way when you’re walking down the street.

If your umbrella has been blown out the wrong way too many times, and the spikes are bent, check out Jolly Brolly for a fashionable and affordable umbrella. Take your pick from a bright coloured ones or sturdy golf umbrellas, guaranteed to last lots of trip into rainy British weather.

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Photo by: Ged Carroll

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