Yesterday, (8th September 2016), saw the creation of a new incredible Guinness world record, for the largest group of people participating in a traditional umbrella dance, with over 2,000 men and women taking part in this momentous occasion!


The traditional umbrella dance is usually performed in rural parks of India, with wooden umbrellas at celebration ceremonies, uniting the communities through a tradition that has been passed down through many generations.

However, today the locals took to the stage at the Tarnater Fair in Gujarat with a beautiful array of the best colourful umbrellas in an awe inspiring performance, dancing along to traditional music, over 2,000 people took part in creating this brand new world record. Guinness world record officials have declared that this record will be accepted as a new, very interesting record!

You can see a little more about this beautiful dance in the video below:

The Tarnater Fair itself is an annual celebration, bringing the local communities together to participate in traditional games, competitions, dances and ceremonies and celebrate their culture, and this year will certainly be one that is remembered for a long time to come.

Take some inspiration from this fun and creative dance, it might make a wonderful addition to your next event, and makes for truly spectacular photographs and videos!


Video: Sadesh News/YouTube