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How to have a perfect New Year’s Eve wedding

For many couples, picking out a wedding date can be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process. Once the date is set, you excitedly count down the days until the big one. So, how do you decide what date the wedding should fall on?



Perhaps the first day you met, the anniversary of getting engaged or, maybe, just maybe, you should look at having a New Year’s Eve wedding? This time of the year is already filled with such excitement; an atmosphere charged from the festivities of Christmas Day, whilst New Year’s itself represents the idea of fresh starts, promises and commitments. So, what better day to say ‘I Do!’?

If you are seriously considering a New Year’s Eve wedding date you may be wondering what preparations will need to be made. Your theme and decorations should reflect the time of year, and you could even recycle your Christmas decorations to transform your venue into a winter wonderland that keeps the Christmas spirit alive. Decorate your venue with tall, pine trees that twinkle with fairy lights and are draped in festive tinsel and ball-balls. Fake snow can also be incorporated and some magical wedding photographs can be taken in the snow, set with wedding umbrellas and fake fur coats. You could even look to throwing a glamourous masquerade that all your guests will thoroughly enjoy and rivals any New Year’s Eve events in the area!

These themes allow your guest to dress laviously or rent beautiful costumes, which will set your special evening alight with beautiful colours and fantastic photo opportunities. Let the entertainment reflect your theme- research live bands, singers, karaoke, fortune readers, DJ’s (set with Christmas classic tunes) and magic shows to put that extra bit of magic into the night. And because this is New Years, a firework display is a must!

Your theme colours should either be icy blues and metallic silvers, or metallic golds and rich reds to follow a traditional New Year’s Eve theme. Make sure your wedding favours reflect the theme you have chosen, whilst being a unique gift your guests can treasure forever. If you opt for a masquerade, why not provide your guests with masks and sparklers? Or, if you opt for a winter wonderland, why not offer personalised umbrellas that protect them from the falling snow outside?

This time of year can also make your guest books one of the best features of the wedding, allowing your guests the opportunity to share their New Year resolutions with you and wishing you best wishes.

Catering should be light, as Christmas was only the week before and your guests have probably overdone it over the festive period. Have a small dinner after the ceremony and provide your guests with snacks throughout the night. Provide champagne at the strike of midnight to celebrate both the wedding and the mark of the New Year.

If this all sounds fantastic to you, there will be a few things to consider to make sure it goes without a hitch. Firstly, you must remember that the 31st December is a popular date, not only for weddings but for New Year’s Eve events, so if you decide that this must be the date of your wedding and reception you must work fast to find the venues, entertainment and catering. Make sure to plan early, even up to a year in advance. Some suppliers and venues may not be available during the festive season, or they may increase their charges so be sure to do intensive research to ensure you get the perfect deal. If you have your heart set on a specific supplier or venue make sure to ask way in advance their availability and their pricing. You may also have to look into a late license so that your reception does not end at the strike of midnight. Consult the venue, as this will usually be included within their venue price.

If your wedding is likely to have children and elderly guests attending, it may be worth looking at a venue that provides a room where they can rest.

Buses and taxis may not be running during this time of year, so it may be worth providing alternative transport for your guests to return home or to their hotel.

Give advance notice of your wedding date in the form of save the dates so that your guests can keep the date free.

However, most importantly, remember to enjoy every moment of creating the wedding of your dreams.

Image: available under creative commons.

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