2016 has absolutely flown by; it’s hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of December already! However, as the month draws to a close you might be starting to think about what your New Years resolutions will be for 2017. Whether you are starting small or aiming high, we’ve got some great ideas for a better you next year:

Be more organised

Planning your time can be a great way to be more organised, be it planning for big events such as a wedding, or planning your daily tasks. Research has shown that organising your day can make you up to 50% more productive, meaning that you can revel in happy thoughts about all the jobs you have completed!

Get outside more

Although it is the wintertime and the weather isn’t quite so warm, there is no excuse for not getting outside! Equip yourself with a classic black umbrella and you’ll be ready to take on any weather! Head out for a half hour stroll through the winter woodland, or walk into town to meet a friend for coffee; the fresh air will do you good and get your happy endorphins flowing.

Health kick

A high percentage of people in the UK embark on a health kick in the first few months of the year, noting it as the perfect time to make a fresh start and changes for the better. Whether your health kick revolves around eating healthier foods or walking to work more often, you’ll be surprised how much of a difference one small change will make.

Travel more

Traveling is a wonderful thing, no matter how far you go, from your neighbouring town to the other side of the world. Make it your goal in 2017 to explore more, be it in your local surroundings or further afield. You might uncover a hidden gem!

Keep in touch more

In a busy schedule it is easy to get side tracked and lose touch with your friends and loved ones. Make your New Years resolution to keep in touch more- through letters, text messaging or in person, and you can look forward to seeing their happy faces more often!

Save money

If you have had an ambition for a while that requires a healthy pot of savings, take the New Year as a new chance to start saving. Saving a set amount a month means that you aren’t left short, but are still collecting a pot of money for a rainy day, whether you opt for £10 a month or £100, every penny helps!

Kick a habit

If you want to make a positive change in your life, New Year is the perfect time to do so. Whether you want to stop biting your nails or stop smoking, make January your month to make that change!


Volunteering is a real feel good activity, you can chose to help out at an event, work a few days in a charity shop or even take a day out of your schedule to help at your local homeless shelter. This is a selfless activity that can help someone who isn’t quite so well off, and leave you feeling good.

Learn a new skill

Why not try your hand at something new? Learn a new language or head out to join a new club, these keep your brain engaged through taking on a new challenge and will ultimately boost your productivity levels all round. Who knows, maybe this new skill will offer you a new path in life?

Write a bucket list

To really set your year off to a good start, why not write a bucket list? This doesn’t necessarily have to be for your life, but setting a set of goals for the year makes them much more likely to be achieved! These can be as little or large as you wish, just make sure that you set goals that are realistic!