So we are finally into January 2015 and with a new year comes New Year’s Resolutions.  Usually they are regarding health and fitness, embracing new adventures or achieving a goal that has long been put on the back burner.  However, if you are getting married this year, it is likely that your resolutions will be to do with that most special of days.  Here, we take a look at New Year resolutions for the modern bride…

Resolution 1: Don’t Stress

In the modern world of events and weddings, stressing seems inevitable with the myriad of aspects to consider.  From the venue to the guests, the caterer to the band and from the flowers to the all-important dress, a wedding is both a celebration and a stressful undertaking.  However, making a point to yourself not to stress more than is strictly necessary will help you enjoy the planning stage.  Admit that you are not infallible and that something may go wrong, then the stress that follows may not be quite so hard to take.

Resolution 2: Do Be Picky

The world and his dog wants to be invited to share your special day – or maybe just for the cake and booze!  In this case, be picky.  It is your day and you shouldn’t feel obligated to invite your next door neighbour’s aunt’s sister’s cousin’s best friend just because she wished you congratulations on the street.  Wedding guests can be expensive and while it can be fab to hold a massive lavish wedding, if costs are something you need to think about then be sure to keep your nearest and dearest closest on your wedding day. 

Resolution 3: Prepare

It may seem to to go without saying but being prepared for as many popular eventualities will help alleviate any more stress than is necessary.  For instance, you may be having your outdoor wedding in the heart of British summertime which means you hope for sun but are prepared for the heavens to open.  Order plenty of umbrellas for your guests so if they forget their own, you are there to save the day (and the wedding photos) from being rained off.  Other examples of preparation include having extra vegetarian meals in case guests may not have mentioned their requirements or ensuring the venue has access ramps for elderly or disabled guests.

Resolution 3: Become Tech Savvy

Even if you don’t know your iPhone from your Android and the thought of using an app scares you, there are programs out there that can take a serious load off your mind when it comes to wedding planning.  From phones apps like Wedding Countdown to Wedding Budgets, to websites synonymous with wedding planning, like Pinterest, there are sources out there that are super helpful and easy-to-use, even for those of us who are a little afraid of technology.  Just ask one of your tech-savvy friends to give you a quick rundown then use as many apps as you like, or just one, to help you find plan for and contact every aspect of your event.

Resolution 4: Order, Order!

It is so important to do things in the correct order when it comes to wedding planning.  If you have fallen in love with a bright pink bridesmaids gown in the spring, then decided in the summer that you want a monochrome theme, then it’s back to the drawing board for the bridesmaids.  It is very important to plan things out methodically, from what you need to achieve first to the things that can be done on the fly.  Use every source at your disposal to help delegate the less important jobs to people you trust.  Brainstorming is a great way to get everything down on paper.  After you have dumped all your requirements on a page, come up with categories and fit each aspect into a specific section, then attack each section one by one.

Resolution 5: Record Everything

After months of planning, the big day can go past a lot quicker than anticipated so it is important to make sure you record every aspect of the celebrations.  Photos, keepsakes and memory boxes are great ways to ensure no part of the day is forgotten and the atmosphere can be kept and reignited every time you look at your collection of memories.  Guests will also be happy to receive a collage, photo album or wedding favour bag as they can share their happy experience with others and be reminded of your fabulously special day for years to come.

Do you have any wedding based resolutions for this year?  Get in touch and let us know which resolutions have helped you through the stress and into a happily married life!