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Why We Love Our Plain Umbrellas

Why We Love Our Plain Umbrellas

We have a whole host of elaborate umbrella designs, but we still love the classic plain umbrella - our Jollybrolly. These and our selection of golf umbrellas come in a range of colours, and who knew colours could be so interesting:

Did You Know

A lobster's blood is colourless but when exposed to oxygen it turns blue.
Our blue Jollybrollys come in two types of blue; navy and light blue. Or if you fancy something more striking, we have a great selection of red umbrellas in all sorts of shapes and styles.

Out of all colour combinations, the two with the strongest impact are black on yellow.
It's not quite black on yellow, but this kids umbrella should help your little bumblebee stand out in the playground.

The rarest type of diamond is green.
If you love the colour green and want to accessorise your wardrobe with a great new umbrella, we stock a gorgeous shamrock green umbrella in a selection of sizes.

The most popular school uniform colours are blue and white.
Looking to complete the look of your child's uniform? We have an extensive selection of kids umbrellas in blue and white, with some cute and fun styles to choose from. Check out this great pirate themed umbrella in blue and white.

At birth, Dalmatians are always white
White is a great colour for parasols and wedding umbrellas as the colour white traditionally signifies purity and love. We have a fantastic selection of wedding parasols to help add some old-fashioned glamour to your special day.

We have a huge selection of coloured umbrellas on our website so you can have a different Jollybrolly for each outfit or even just to suit your mood!

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