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Not Just Umbrellas: Staying Dry on a Rainy Day

Although images of Christmas and snow may be popping up everywhere already - winter arriving in the UK usually means one thing: rain, rain and more rain!

As self-professed boffins of wet weather and umbrellas, here are our 4 quick tips for surviving the ‘Great’ British weather this winter:

  1. Always Pack Socks

You never know where the day is going to take you or when the weather will decide to turn, so just as we’d always advise carrying your house keys and your cards - if you’ve got room chuck an extra pair of socks in your bag! Especially in the UK, you can’t be expected to wear waterproof shoes every time you leave the house so keep a pair of nice warm dry socks to hand just in case.

  1. Never Lose Your Umbrella Again:

We’d hazard a guess that umbrellas are right up there with Britain’s ‘Most Lost Items’ coming in right behind hair ties and bags for life. It sucks when you lose a really good umbrella - you can usually remember the exact bus, restaurant or shop where you set it down but chances of ever getting that umbrella back are slim to none.

If you’re particularly attached why not add your phone number or email address just above the handle? Geek alert (we know!) but if your umbrella is picked up by a generous soul it has it’s best chance of making its way back to you!

  1. Invest In a Microfiber Towel:

This is more of a life tip than a rain tip - microfibre towels are super handy! They’re lightweight, fold up extra small and dry amazingly quick. They are the perfect gym towel, ideal for packing when you’re away on holiday, great for the beach or even as a blanket at the park. Generally a good buy.

If you do happen to have one stick it in your bag or coat pocket as they also conveniently dry soaked hair in a matter of moments and are great for getting excess moisture out of wet clothes quickly. Just roll your socks up in the towel and squeeze and you’ve already more than halved their drying time. Meanwhile you’ve already got your spare pair we told you to pack in tip 1 ;).

  1. Choosing The Correct Umbrellas :

By far the best way to survive the rain to come (and I know this is rich coming from us!) is to invest in a really good umbrella. Of course you can grab something cheap and cheerful when you are on the go but there are plenty of quality ‘investment’ umbrella styles that will fit your lifestyle and best of all last you through years of showers.


If you’re on the go, why not try our Jumbo Open & Close Umbrella? OR if you are after something a bit more robust check out our Stormshield Umbrellas or our Blunt Umbrella Range.

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