This week we’re talking wedding cakes…and not the usual ones you’d expect to see; we cover Ben & Jerry (or John & Leslie), beer and an entire fairy kingdom! Read on and click the links through to Pinterest to see all the images.

1. This interesting cake takes a topsy-turvy look at the traditional theme. While the lace and rose petal decorations are a nod to the more classic style of wedding cake, the falling bride and groom add a comedic touch to the proceedings.

2. Here we see what the perfect princess cake would look like, should money not be an issue! This expensive and eye-catching cake leaves nothing to the imagination when recreating the Barbie/Disney theme. With fairy lights and an extensive number of layers, this one would take until way after the honeymoon to eat.

3. At first glance, it may not be glaringly obvious that this is even a cake! The minimalist look and design of this delicious offering is in stark contrast to the previous one, with more effort spent on artistic flair than over-the-top luxury.

4. Taking the comedic effect to whole new levels and embracing the wedding reception’s reputation for drunken debauchery, this cake shows the funny side of wedded bliss by displaying the before and after states of the bride and groom models. A light take on the wedding cake and certainly a memorable offering.

5. This gorgeous and incredibly well made cake shows that you can maintain sophistication whilst still standing out for all the right reasons. The gold ormolu pattern is elegant and aesthetically pleasing and the way in which the cake is put together is very impressive, however we do wonder how to cut it!

6. Sharing a tub of ice cream on the sofa is something a lot of couples enjoy, so this customised Ben & Jerry’s-themed cake adds a fun and retro touch to the big day. Having the names of the bride and groom is a personal touch and will create lasting memories of the fun atmosphere of the day too, memories that will last a lot longer than the cake itself!

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