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Ordering Your Wedding Cake? Here‘s Some Top Tips To Help You Out!

Planning a wedding is known to be a very stressful job! It includes a lot of serious conversations and numbers to work out. However there some tasks which are a little more fun than others, the main one, for example, testing and purchasing the cake of your dreams.

Wedding cakes have been part of the tradition since the medieval days and it's often the one thing guests love about going to weddings - so no pressure!

Gone are the days of boring, bland, fondant icing cakes as today they can be any size, shape and flavour which is sometimes what makes it difficult. So where do you start, who is the baker you trust enough and how do you order the wedding cake of your dreams that guests will always remember.

Where and when to start tasting

A baker will need a decent amount of time to make and decorate a masterpiece of a cake so it's fairly important to get the process started at least 3 to 6 months before the day of your nuptials. Recommendations from friends and family are often a great place to start but try to narrow it down to a couple of bakeries to book a testing session with as if you go to too many you are likely to forget which cake belonged to who.

When the tasting day arrives, enjoy it, take a note of which ones you loved and designs you are keen on. When it comes to flavourings there is no need to stick to the traditional fruit or white cake. Go with your gut instinct. Don’t pick a cake based on what you think the majority of guest will like the most. If it tastes good people will eat it!

How do you go about ordering one?

How big of a cake you buy will depend on how many people are attending your wedding. If you are planning to only have 100 guests or less then there is probably no need to buy a five-tier cake.

Inform the baker how many people it should feed and also they may ask if you are serving other food options at the reception or if the cake is the only food option available might also vary the size of the cake you buy. Be sure that there are arrangements that you get a secure delivery, No one knows how to transport a cake better than the baker itself.

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