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This origami inspired umbrella bounces back when it’s blown inside out

American designers Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman have reimagined the umbrella, replacing the traditional metal-framed canopy with a flexible structure that folds like origami.

The umbrella uses planar tension to generate its form, with the inner and outer canopies expanding and contracting in unison to open and close the umbrella. This new design allows the umbrella to be lighter, since it does not need the added weight of an inner metal skeleton.

The umbrella lasts longer and is stronger than a usual umbrella due to there being no exposed, moving components, along with material being flexible when not in tension. This leads to an umbrella that will pop back when exposed to strong winds.

This ability to bounce back from winds is down the six guide panels which can be seen along the ridges of the canopy. These guide panels not only allow the umbrella to open and close, but also provide strong structural support to the very tip of the canopy.

The umbrella is made with highly recyclable and easily repairable materials. In addition to this, since the umbrella canopy is uni-body, it can be removed and replaced with another design or repaired easily.

Another nice feature of the umbrella is that it has more headroom underneath the canopy since there is no metal structure taking up space. Who hasn’t gone to put down their umbrella and had their stuck in one of the arms?

To see more of this wonderfully designed umbrella click here.

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