Raining again? Excellent! That might not be how you’ve been looking at it, but we hope to change your mind. Here are just a few ideas for those moments when you’ve just got to get them outdoors, but the skies have opened and the rain is pouring.

How about some rainy day outdoor artwork? Whether you use powdered paints, mud, or pavement chalk, getting messy in the name of art is a great way to let play take over rather than practicality. Give your children clothes that they’re allowed to mess up and then let them go for it.

Games in the rain might sound like a disaster in the making, but put yourself in their position and remember when flinging mud pies around felt more important than keeping your socks dry.

Or how about a supercharged water pistol. A decent pair of wellington boots, perhaps a transparent cape over their clothes, and presto! A recipe for a few hours of energetic outdoor fun.

Ever been swimming in the rain? If you live by the sea or can take a trip there, you’ll be surprised how ‘normal’ it can feel to be splashing about when the rain is pouring. It can be warming and a great way to handle the thought of getting wet.

How about some science experiments. Measure rainfall on different days of the holidays, and map it on a chart. You could get them to build their own wormery. (Worms come out in the rain!).

A pop up tent is a great wet weather solution. Give them their own den in the garden, some clothes that you don’t mind much about, and let them discover their own homemaking skills under canvas.

Finally, to keep it really simple, a brand new kids umbrella makes walking in the rain lots of fun. Let each child choose their own colour and design, and they’ll be only to pleased and proud to walk out under the elements and display it to the world.

Get your rainy day solutions right and rather than sitting inside and feeling bored and frustrated, and with any luck you and your kids will get excited waiting for the next rainy day.