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Packing For Your Summer Holidays? Here's What To Include!

Off on your summer holidays? Started packing yet? No, we thought not. It’s never the most exciting part of the journey, the packing and unpacking, and it's easy to put it off as long as possible. But holidaymakers who are well-prepared remember to include those essential items that will make all the difference. Here are a few ideas.

First off, how about a cheap paperback book for the journey. Paperbacks are lighter reading options - unless of course you’re a fan of ebooks. Getting a cheap one means you can easily ditch it while you’re away if you finish reading and want to replace it with a different volume. But if you’re an avid reader then you can’t really beat a device to allow you to read downloadable books on a screen. One tip is to download what you need before you leave so that you’re not dependent on wifi that might be elusive or expensive while you’re away.

Make sure you have the chargers you need for any phones or devices you’re bringing with you. It’s unnecessary expense at the other end if your battery runs out and you have to invest to recharge it.

If you’re flying, it’s worth having travel bottles and jars designed to ensure you don’t overstep the limits for liquids. Check the requirements before you leave to avoid having to leave items behind at customs.

If flying restrictions aren’t a problem, then you can stock up freely ahead of your holidays on products such as sun lotion, and moisturiser. Make sure you use with a high enough factor to ensure you’re safe. If your existing bottles are a few years old, you’ll probably want to update your supplies for this year's holiday to make sure you’re fully protected.

Perhaps you’re having a staycation in the UK, or travelling somewhere where the sunshine isn’t necessarily guaranteed. A lightweight umbrella can be a handy addition to your luggage, saving you having to source an umbrella shop in a downpour at the other end. You can get a quality handbag-sized umbrella quite inexpensively these days, and when you arrive at your destination you can take it with you to the restaurant, sight-seeing, or on a stroll along the beach.

Final tip - while you're packing, put on some music that will remind you of your destination and keep you motivated.

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