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  • Umbrella franchise opportunity

    At Jollybrolly we are looking to expand the umbrella business accross Europe and North America, well anywhere it rains really, and would be happy to discuss franchise opportunities with individuals who may be interested. Read More

  • Why Branded Business Umbrellas are a Good Idea

    If you have a business, it could be a really good idea to have some branded umbrellas made for your staff and clients to use. If you've never considered this before, here are a few of the best reasons you should. Read More

  • The History of Umbrellas

    We might now commonly associate umbrellas with protecting us from the rain, but they were actually originally invented to keep people out of the sun. Umbrellas also have a very long history and were created more than 4000 years ago. For instance, evidence of ancient umbrellas has been found in countries such as Greece and Egypt. Read More

  • Reasons to Have Wedding Umbrellas

    When you are getting married, you want the day to go off without a hitch, right? This is why it can be such a good idea to have some wedding umbrellas to hand, especially if your wedding is taking place in good old Blighty where, let's face it, the clouds aren't always fluffy and white. Here are some of the best reasons to have wedding umbrellas for your big day.
    Read More

  • Choosing the Right Wedding Umbrellas

    Wedding umbrellas can be really useful if you are worried there might be rain on your big day, but how can you make sure you've chosen the right ones? This article takes you through what to consider to make sure you get the perfect wedding umbrellas to cover all eventualities. Read More

  • Royal Wedding Umbrellas

    With the Royal wedding only weeks away, many of you are arranging parties or events to mark the special occasion. Jollybrolly are already suppliers of Buckingham Palace who have been using our umbrella products for their visitor centre for over 3 years. With the unpredictable British weather, if you planning a royal wedding event then why not have our low cost umbrellas as a precaution. These umbrellas can be ordered in white, red and navy to mark this special occasion. If your planning your own wedding then why not look at our wedding umbrella packs for great value and ultimate weather insurance.

  • Umbrella Pack Offer | Umbrellas

    We have a hidden page on the site offering our ultimate event pack, 100 jollybrolly umbrellas for just £200.00, these umbrellas are plain white with no logos or markings and can be delivered via standard or express delivery.

    These umbrellas are ideal for events, schools or larger weddings. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us. Please look under special offers to find this.

  • Wedding umbrellas | Wedding umbrella

    With Christmas over and everyone thinking about summer, those of you who are getting married this year are keeping your fingers crossed for brilliant sunshine. Read More

  • Best Weather Websites | Umbrellas

    When organising your wedding or event it's important to have a reliable source of weather information, after all you need to know whether you need to order some umbrellas!
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  • Umbrellas Umbrellas

    We market our jollybrolly umbrella as disposable, does this mean they dissolve, no, does this mean you can use them once, no.

    We simply supply cheap umbrellas for events, plays, weddings or businesses who need something to serve a purpose but don't want to spend a fortune. We have umbrellas that have been used 50 or 60 times and still do the same job..... keep you dry! From £2.50 each these umbrellas are the cheapest wet weather precaution in the UK.

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