We hope you enjoyed part one of our two-part blog on cost effective and fun wedding ideas you’ll likely not have thought of before. Last week we covered having matching converse with your partner for the dance floor, naughty wedding cake toppers, having a “DJ song request” box on your wedding invites and more – read it here. And read on for part 2!

Waffle Bar

Meals can getting extremely expensive when weddings are involved. Plus it can be tricky figuring out who eats what and how much to serve per person – so this idea we saw on Buzzfeed seemed like a touch of genius, a DIY waffle bar! A number of our clients have had DIY food such as this on their wedding day, and it has always been a huge hit.

Sparklers as Wedding Favours

Sparklers don’t cost much at all and should your reception be taking place in the evening, they can be a wonderful wedding favour of sorts and a ton of fun. If you browse Pinterest you’ll see some wonderful wedding pictures where sparklers add a touch of magic to the proceedings – and final photo album.

Candy Bag Wedding Favours

Penny sweets are a firm favourite of most people – regardless of age! So buying up a few bags and having guests take them away as wedding favours is a wonderful way to save on spend and add some colour to your reception at the end of the evening.

Dress Your Bridesmaids Differently

The arguments can quickly spiral when it comes to what your bridesmaids are going to wear – whilst one loves a v-neck, another loves strapless and another likes blue vs. the overwhelmingly favourite of pink… you get the picture. However there’s no reason at all your bridesmaids can’t wear different dresses and the final effect look just as beautiful. Should you do this also, another added bonus is that everyone will be happy with their choice and it’s likely to save on cost too as there will be more choice available, lessening the risk of getting lumbered with only an expensive option that everyone agrees on!

Stick Funny Photos on Bathroom Doors

And finally, printing out a few embarrassing photos of the happy couple and adorning them to the bathroom doors will be guaranteed to get a few giggles. Another great idea to save money and have more fun.

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