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On Cloud Nine: Company Offer Clear Wedding Skies for 100k

This week, we look at a potential new trend offering engaged couples the chance to have a rain-free wedding day for 100k!  Using a weather modification technique, one luxury travel company are hoping that many couples getting married will opt for the chance to get wed in the sun, no matter where in the world you are!

Weather Modification

A little rain never hurt anyone, and we know that some of the most romantic moments can be spent huddled under an umbrella with the one you love.  However, luxury travel company Oliver’s Travels made the decision to offer their clients a very special option.  The technique in question is called ‘cloud seeding’ and involves the use of an aircraft to spray particles of silver over the clouds, which bursts them and creates a clear sky.  The ‘Perfect Day’ team comprises highly-skilled meteorologists and pilots who specialise in this almost science-fiction themed idea.

This technology is not particularly new, however, and has been used for a variety of events including the Beijing Olympics, a Paul McCartney concert and the Duke and Duchess’ wedding.  The idea was first conceived in the 1940s but Oliver’s Travels have began to use the technology regularly, after being unable to help clients with the one thing out of their control – the weather!

Costs in the Clouds

The concept is one that has attracted many, although the price tag attached is a little harder to swallow.  Having a plane fly into the sky, complete with specially-trained staff, in order to get rid of the clouds sounds like something from a fable or fairy story, and of course it does not come cheap.  Oliver’s Travels offers this service to couples who decide to hold their wedding at one of the selected chateaux in France, with the Perfect Day offer starting at £100,000.  At a price that high, it seems a better idea to pay for friends and family to jet off to a country which never has clouds!

Although the idea is definitely innovative and exciting – and many couples would definitely pay to have clear skies above them – it is not symbolic of your future as a couple.  Marriage does not always mean clear blue skies, and a life spent together is sure to bring many ups and many downs.  However, it is how you deal with these problems as a unit that defines whether a bit of rain is good or bad.  We know how important weddings are, and we also understand that not everything is under your control, but we think it is better to make the most out of the raindrops and embrace the uncertainty of life, rather than paying over the odds for a clear sky that never intended to be there.

Cloud seeding is certainly clever and spectacular, it must be truly magical watching the sky above  turn into the clear expanse you dreamed of being married beneath. However, we prefer the cheaper option of keeping a wedding umbrella handy. Plus, if it weren’t for rain on your wedding day, what would Alanis Morrisette sing about?

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