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Perfect gifts for the bride-to-be

Everyone’s talking about the wedding list and stocking up on toasters and doormats and visitor’s books for the happy couple. But what if your best friend has just got engaged? Or perhaps your sister or even your Mum is planning on tying the knot. Maybe you’re the groom-to-be and you’re doing some research on the kind of present you could give your partner ahead of the day. Fear not, we have the inside information right here. Read on.

How about anything that’s personalised with her new initials? Okay, she might not be changing her name, but if she is, you can be certain there will be excitement in the air about a brand new monogram. Many things can be personalised these days, from items for the home to customised umbrellas. Many items can be engraved, embroidered, even carved, you just have to use your imagination to figure out what will be personal to her.

If not that, how about some tasteful earrings that can be teamed with all those lovely outfits she’ll be wearing to the engagement parties, hen nights and pre-wedding social occasions? Make it sparkly and special, definitely not cheap costume jewellery, but something carefully chosen to be kept and treasured.

If you’re going to give her something for the home, make it special to her - quirky, unusual, decorative. Unless you know this person well enough to decide she’ll love it, don’t buy something for their home that will just end up in storage. No one wants a blender to celebrate their upcoming wedding, do they? If they do, then - a blender!

How about a journal? This won’t suit everyone, but if the bride-to-be loves scribbling, keeping a diary or recording imaginative thoughts, then a beautiful journal could be the very thing for her to record the run up to the wedding. Make it a lovely one - rich textures, colours and nice paper.

And as our final idea, find the perfect picture frame. Give her the chance to choose the very special photo she’d like to put in there - perhaps the proposal moment or the engagement party snapshot. If she saves it for the wedding photo itself, you’ll know you gave a very special gift indeed.

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