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The perfect team building exercise: a golfing day out

Working as a team is a vital skill within business, and team-building tasks can help your workforce to be more engaged, more productive and happier! You may have taken part in a team building exercise in the past and not found it to be much use, however, it has been found that a good day out golfing with your team could be the best team-building exercise!


First off, who wouldn’t like to opt for a fun day out of the office playing golf? Whether you are a rookie or a pro, this is a game that is challenging, but fun. It also lets you get outside, stretch your legs and enjoy the beautiful views that are usually found on golf courses!

These events can be quite simple to arrange for a small team, and with larger groups you might want to find a company to book this for you. Many golf courses won’t be all too happy about a group of newbie golfers turning up to the course unannounced, but you will find that others are more than accommodating if you let them know beforehand!

You may not want to play a traditional game of golf in this team building activity, but split into groups where the score is dependent on more than one person. Alternatively, you can have a go at the driving range, seeing which group can hit their balls closest to the target, or pick a shorter game of pitch and putt for a bit of practice.

Almost all golf courses have a clubhouse, where you can take a refreshing beverage on your break, and a spot of lunch to re-fuel you. This means that you can spend the entire day there as a group, socialising and working with one another in a positive environment!

There are a few rules of golfing etiquette that must be followed, including wearing a shirt with a collar (both men and women), a polo shirt will suffice, trainers are a must, and in the winter you might want to layer up as it can get quite chilly on the course! If rain is predicted for the day of your team building event, you might want to consider ordering some bulk umbrellas, we offer a wide range of golf umbrellas which will be perfect for this occasion, and you can even have these personalised to include your company logo! These will be handy for both on game day, as well as for any future events!

Step away from those desks and get outside for a game of team golf and give your workforce a morale boost!

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