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How To Perfect Your Umbrella Style

There’s nothing like London Fashion Week to give rise to new trends and themes that will carry through into the wardrobe choices of the clothes-loving public. So perhaps it was a gift from the heavens to the umbrella industry when heavy rain hit the catwalk recently and various fashion reviewers and bloggers had to rush off themselves in search of the latest umbrella styles.

Umbrellas might not be the first thing you think about when you consider the concept of style. We’ve all borrowed a brolly in the past, in those moments where taking refuge from a sudden downpour is the only priority. It's not generally glamorous. But if you’ve had the chance to select your own umbrella style to suit your personality and wardrobe, you’ll have noticed there's an incredible range of colours and designs to pick from. There’s just no excuse not to tailor your wet weather solutions to fit with your outfit. Let’s have a look at some of the basics about perfecting your umbrella style.

First off, you can’t really go wrong with a classic black umbrella. It will work for any occasion and will go with probably everything you own. We’d recommend you find a sturdy design with quality engineering that makes its own statement about simplicity and class.

If not black, another bold or rich colour might suit you. You might even choose to have a different tone on the inside, such as a pattern or contrasting shade. Patterns, in our opinion, often look even chicer when they are reserved for the inside of the umbrella. Even if this isn’t something you’ve considered before, try it out. It’s a strong look.

You can get umbrellas that look floaty and feminine, but another striking umbrella style is to choose a more traditionally masculine wooden handle. This kind of umbrella style can bring a bold structural look to your outfit. Matched with any kind of clothing, these styles don’t have to be saved for businessmen on a lunch break.

Finally, just a word on that most contemporary of royal umbrellas - the transparent or ‘bubble umbrella.’ In the hands of Queen Elizabeth, this kind of umbrella style has the essential advantage of sheltering from the rain while also being visible by the crowds and press. But unless you’re part of the royal family - or have your own sassy way to wear such an iconic look - most people would say those kinds of umbrellas are generally best kept for the children.

Have fun choosing your umbrella style, and get adventurous this season. 

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