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How To Find Your Ideal Wedding Style When Planning

It's your wedding we’re talking about. This is your one day to do things your way. So let’s put other considerations to one side, and begin by letting yourself daydream about all the key moments and aspects you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t worry what your parents want. Forget what the latest trends are. Don’t even start by thinking of your budget because if you fixate on that from the beginning, you might compromise and make it all about what the cheapest shops are stocking, rather than the colours and textures and themes and images that you're passionate about and can recreate in less expensive ways.

Consider what you and your partner have in common, and let your day reflect that. If you’re into the outdoors, then you could choose an open air reception, or bring natural elements into your venue. If music is your thing, how about live music, or a DJ, or a 60s or 80s themed reception. Ideas like that aren’t necessarily expensive if you use your imagination. Think out of the box.

Some couples start by imagining the photo album they’d like to end up with. They get inventive with the wedding dress and they deck out the venue with elements that feel in keeping with a strong central theme. If you choose to do this, remember that some quirky ideas will date quickly in the photo album. There’s a reason people opt for classical designs and features, because there’s an ageless quality about them. That doesn’t have to be a rule for you though, just a point to bear in mind.

When it comes to colour schemes, remember you don’t have to have all the same colour. You can make a big statement if you choose a range of complimentary colours, bold contrasting tints, or pastel shades. Your bridesmaids may well thank you for having the chance to wear a colour that compliments their skin tone and hair colour, and a style that works with their body shape. So if you're stuck, you could get a team of your favourite people together to discuss aspects of wedding style and make it a collaborative effort.

You might not care too much about one or two aspects - maybe the invitations, the music for the actual service, or even the cake, or the main course at the wedding breakfast. Not everyone is passionate about planning every single moment of their wedding. But don’t overlook any aspect of the day where your particular style could make all the difference to bringing a coherence to the style aspects you do feel strongly about. With a bit of imagination, you'll create a day that just brims with your personality.

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