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Personalise your wedding with simple touches

Everyone wants their wedding to be completely unique and creative, with their own personal touch on every aspect of the wedding day. If you and your partner are in the midst of planning the perfect wedding and looking for ways to make the day a personal celebration of your love, there are many ways to make it bespoke.

To help inspire you, have a look below at some of the ideas you can use to add that perfect personal touch to your special day.

Choose invitations which suit your style

There are so many options for stylish stationary these days, but that makes it so much easier to find something which suits you both as a couple. One example is if you are a couple who loves to travel, wedding invites in the style of a passport would be perfect; the possibilities are endless!

Bespoke dress and suit

Forget going off the peg, how amazing would it be if the bride and groom have a custom, bespoke dress and suit, measured to fit? It may not be as expensive as you think, and it is a wonderful feeling to walk down the aisle wearing a dress – or suit – which no one else in the world has.

Design and create your own wedding rings

There is nothing more romantic than having unique rings, designed by yourself. There are various ways to make this happen, from online shops like Etsy where you can get custom-made rings, or family jewellers who will help you with the design.

Quirky wedding venue

If a stately home or hotel are not your thing, why not make the venue quirky which suits your personal style? There are lots of options, sometimes cheaper than the obvious choice! Outdoor weddings are becoming very popular in the UK and can really reflect a natural, bohemian style. Be sure to have wedding umbrellas as a back-up if it rains. At Jolly Brolly, we can even personalise them too!

Bridal speech

It is not traditional to give a bride’s speech – the speech making is often left to the groom, best man and bride’s father. Add a twist to the speech making and have the bride say a few words to the family and friends gathered for the big day.

DIY centrepieces

As well as being a great budget hack, DIY centrepieces will add a lovely personal and unique touch. The centrepieces can be made up of anything: flowers, candles, fruit, paper ornaments and more. This is a chance to get creative and think outside the box – just don’t go too big otherwise, guests will not be able to see the person opposite!

Alternative place cards

Instead of the usual name, why not use a funny photo instead? Finding silly photos of all the guests will be a lot of fun, and will make it fun for the guests, giving them a little keepsake too!

DIY wedding favours

Following the same route as the centrepieces, why not make your own wedding favours? This is a wonderful creative outlet for you and your partner, and it could be anything at all, from jewellery, food and flower seeds to trinkets. The wedding favours are often the most personal part of the wedding you can share with the guests, so don’t hesitate to go all out – but keep the budget low!

Create a wedding cocktail

Weddings are well known to be a great time to have a bit of a tipple, so why not embrace the drinking and make your own cocktail for your guests – with a non-alcoholic alternative for children – so everyone can join in? You could even make it competitive and have Mr & Mrs cocktails and see which one is the most popular!

Monogrammed napkins

Add a glamorous touch by having customised and monogrammed napkins – either disposable or reusable – featuring your initials. Depending on your budget this could be for all the guests, the top table or just you and your partner.

Fun photo booth

These have been a popular staple at weddings for a few years now, and you can easily add your own personal touch to any props being used! Get cut-out masks of your face or props which represent you as a couple and let your guests go wild!

Have a request playlist

Asks guests before the wedding, on the invite, what songs they want to hear at the wedding and create a bespoke playlist based on the request, making the music personal to all the guests. Why not ask the married couples to name their own first song and include that on the playlist?

Make your own bunting

Create your own wedding bunting – ask your mother and mother-in-law to be to help out too. This will add a personal touch and also add a cool vintage feel to the wedding. You don’t have to go for any typical wedding fabric, but use any scraps you want.

Create your own confetti

Give the confetti a personal touch by ordering monogrammed confetti or cutting hearts from you and your partner's favourite books.

Give all the guests a handwritten note

Along with the wedding favours, give every guest a personal, handwritten note from you and your partner. Any small touch will make every guest feel happy to be part of your big day This will be a lovely gesture that all the guests will appreciate.

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