Having photographs of your wedding to keep and cherish for years to come is an important part of the big day. With so much effort going into the dress, the hair and makeup, the décor and the venue, it seems a shame not to capture all these beautiful aspects on camera. However, there are ways of turning your average wedding photos into something a little more exciting and memorable!

Photo Booths

In recent years, wedding photo booths have become more and more popular, with many choosing them over the traditional wedding photographer. The retro fun aspect of a photo booth brings something a little more personal to a wedding; rather than having the photographer tell you where to stand and how to pose, the pictures taken within the booth are entirely up to you. With fancy dress options often provided and cute accessories (such as branded wedding umbrellas, ahem!), the fun and frolicks can be perfectly captured in a memorable way. Looking back on photo booth pictures show you, and your friends and family, at their most relaxed, most happy and often most intoxicated!

Photo Decorations

Using photos to decorate your wedding and reception is a quirky way of sharing your personalities and relationship with your guests.

• Perhaps decorate a wall with a photo story of your relationship together, starting with the oldest pictures and leading right up to the most recent.
• Embarassing or cute pictures from early childhood or awkward school years can be a fun talking point for families and a humorous way to connect both families of the newly-married couple.
• It is even possible to customise your wedding cake to be decorated with a photo of you and your partner!

Photo Gifts

Giving something back to your guests is important, and including some funny photos in your wedding favours is a fun idea.

• If you want to do something a little more personal for each of your guests, why not try hunting down some funny photos of your guests to include in wedding gift bags to give them a little laugh as they open them?
• Another cute idea is the inclusion of instant cameras which allows your guests to play photographer and take their own pictures home with them.

However you decide to document your wedding, whether it be through traditional wedding photos, a DIY approach or even a mixture of both, you can be sure that that the atmosphere and vibe of the day is perfectly captured so you can relive those special moments forever.

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