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Photographer snaps cute pic of frogs huddling a leaf umbrella

It’s not just humans that use umbrellas to shelter from the rain, as a photographer in Indonesia found after seeing some frogs huddling together under a leaf to stay out of the pouring rain.

The amateur photographer in Indonesia was able to catch the frogs under the makeshift umbrella, and looking very happy staying dry. Thomas Chandra, who took the pictures was very happy with the snaps.

Though frogs are found in rainy places and live predominantly in water, seeing frogs shelter out of the heavy rain is not uncommon as the impact of the rain drops falling fast can be damaging to their small bodies.

It is not the first time we have seen cute pictures of animals sheltering out of the rain under leaves, with pictures of owls, rabbits and more being photographed sheltering from heavy rain under leaves and toadstools! It almost looks like something out of Beatrix Potter books!

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Photo by: The Brain Power / Instagram

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