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Picking the perfect umbrella for the rainy season

The wonderful range of brollies available today means that you certainly can match every outfit with an umbrella, like we recently posted about how the queen has tailor made umbrellas to match perfectly with each and every outfit colour scheme (read more here). However, this is sometime a very un-viable option, so here is out guide to picking the perfect multi-purpose umbrella to keep you safe on any rainy day!

Your Best Black Umbrella
This is a classic piece, a statement that is understated and versatile. You want to pick one that is strong and sturdy, that will help you to battle the wind and rain and leave you dry. Whether you opt for a branded umbrella or one that is simple and cheap, it is an absolute must-have for the rainy season! So get online and buy yourself the best black umbrella for your needs!

Patterned Umbrellas
Umbrellas with patterns on the outside can be fun, or they can be a little tacky, and are not a very versatile option. These are perfect to jazz up an outfit and brighten up your day, but if you want both pattern and plain to co-exist in one perfect umbrella, why not take a look at an umbrella with a pattern on the inside, this little flash feature won’t intrude or clash with your outfit, but still gives you that funky element.

Clear Brollies For All Occasions
A clear dome umbrella is the queen’s favourite – as we mentioned earlier – and it should be one of your favourites too. You can get these rimmed in all sorts of beautiful colours and patterns, or a little more plain depending on what you are looking for.

The Gentleman’s Umbrella
Don’t think that umbrellas are specifically for styling a girl’s outfit, men can match them equally to their own needs, with classic styles on offer with beautiful wooden handles and simple designs. This adds an element of refinement to your wardrobe, particularly for those men venturing out in a suit, keep that suit looking fresh with a little weather protection!

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