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Plain Bright Umbrellas for Blue Monday

A lot of people have been talking about blue Monday on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. A lot of people have also been talking about grey January and cold weather, so we thought we'd spice things up a bit with something typically jolly...

All Things Bright and BLUE-tiful

Forget blue Monday, the only blue things we like are our plain, blue umbrellas (which also come in navy by the way). You remember that nice, bright colour the sky once was a while ago? Well, now you can have a bright blue reminder wherever you go.

Black is Back,and in Bulk

We also sell wholesale umbrellas at Jollybrolly with our bulk options proving very popular for our customers. We currently offer bulk umbrella orders on plain Jollybrollys, our golf umbrellas and our wedding umbrellas. (We're also running a 30% off discount on wedding umbrellas through January - shh. Click here or see bottom right for details).

Red Hot Chilli Brollies?

Aside from our plain red golf umbrella that will make you stand out in a crowd it's mainly grey and cold in the UK at the moment. So what better to heat things up during what's generally thought to be one of the most depressing months of the year than talk of hot, hot, hot chillis as part of our jolly "Did You Know" series.

Did You Know...

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