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Planning a beach wedding? Here’s some things you should know!

If you have a beach wedding planned for this coming year or are even considering one, here are some helpful tips to make sure your beach wedding flows smoothly...

1.Hire a planner

While it may seem that getting married on a beach is literally a breeze (no pun intended) we strongly recommend you hire a planner. The main reason for this is to let a professional handle any unforeseen logistics of planning a beach wedding that may get missed. For example, you may need a permit for a specific area or you may need someone to handle any sunbathers sat where your altar is planned to be, these are not things you want to have to deal with on your all important day!

2.Time it right

For a beach wedding timing is everything! Summer afternoon heat can be unbearable in many beach locations, and even if you are okay with the hot heat, your guests may not be. High temperatures are not for everyone, especially for the older generation and young children. To avoid the heat and also the crowds, why not consider a romantic morning or sunset ceremony? If you can’t schedule it for any of those times, perhaps try to find a shadier or cooler spot on the beach.

3.Have fun with your photos

Having a beach as your backdrop can mean an endless possibility of fun ideas for your wedding photos, but you will want to have some help organising the perfect compositions for your photos. So, our top tip would be to find a photographer who has experience in working beach weddings.

4.Dress the part

Beach weddings call for lightweight attire since anything else will be too hot and heavy; this will also include your accessories- you could even invest in wedding umbrellas that will shelter you from the sun, but also make a great prop in your wedding photos.

Grooms often lean towards linen suits but if it is especially hot then a loose shirt and trousers are also fitting. For the ladies, light, airy fabrics are key. Why not try a pretty white sundress? These will blow in the breeze which will look lovely in the photos! When it comes to footwear, this is dependent on exactly where you are getting married on the beach. If the ceremony will be on the sand, bare feet is usually preferred. If it is on a boardwalk on the beach, sandals and flip flops are often worn.

5.Setting the mood with food

If you are doing the whole event outside it's important to get the menu choices just right. Beach weddings mean you can have a lot of fun when it comes to your wedding breakfast. BBQ’s are often a good shout as it's easy, pretty fast and will cater for a lot of people. Other seaside delicacies such a fish and chips or even a buffet of lighter foods such as salads, hot and cold meats would be a great idea too. Always consider temperature, as many foods will spoil in the heat. For example, for your wedding cake, make sure you choose fondant icing over buttercream, as buttercream has a tendency to evaporate in the hot temperatures.

6.Find flowers with good staying power

Beautiful blooms add all that important speech of colour to any space when it comes down to a wedding. However, consult your florist to choose the right flowers for your day, as direct sunlight and heat are known to make flowers wilt. Orchids, chrysanthemums and plumerias are surprisingly hardy and can hold up pretty well in almost all kinds of weather. For beach themed, yellows and light colours are popular. Added details such as shells can make your flowers extra special, or you can even go as far as using bucket and spades to hold your floral arrangements in.

7.Have a backup plan

Sometimes mother nature is not on your side, so renting a tent is always recommended. In the event of a total washout, it's probably best to make arrangements in advance with a nearby hotel or hall.

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