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Planning a Bachelorette Party… Here're The Basics You Need To Know.

It’s not all about the bachelor parties anymore, where grooms are given a final chance to let loose before settling down. Popularity in bachelorettes see women celebrating their upcoming weddings with their closest pals too. 
If you’re in charge of putting your besties bash together then here’s a quick rundown of everything a bachelorette party needs.

Virtually anyone can host a bachelorette party! It's often down to the maid of honour and bridesmaids, who are very close to the bride, to organise the big event; but in reality, any friend, relative or even co-workers are able to step up to the plate and pull together a great party for the bride-to-be. A good place to start is the number of people getting involved, how many will be attending and how many will be part of the planning. It's worth mentioning that not everyone who gets invited to the bachelorette party may end up getting invited to the wedding - especially if the actual ceremony is being kept very small and private, but if this is the case make the attendees to the party very aware of this.

Deciding on a date is also one of the first things that should be taken care of. Stay well clear of the night before the wedding. The last thing the bride needs to be is hungover and too tired to walk down the aisle, plus, the rehearsal dinner is usually scheduled for that night anyway. Find a date that most people can do and also that is reasonably close to the wedding day as otherwise it will just feel like a normal night out.

Bachelorette parties are more laid-back and a lot less structured than the traditional bridal showers. There is no ‘typical’ bash although we usually have in our minds a group of friends dragging the bride from bar to bar and making her blush in public. You can go all out and paint the town red if that’s your style (or, more importantly, the bride’s), but there are so many other ways to celebrate: a nice dinner at someone’s house or favourite restaurant, a concert or comedy show - the list is endless. The whole point of it is to reminisce, laugh, act silly and maybe embarrass the bride a little at least.

One thing to keep in mind is that the bachelorette party is not a gift giving party in the same way a bridal shower is, so the bride wont be needing an umbrella to shelter herself from the overwhelming number of presents, they aren’t necessary. That being said, this is a great opportunity to give out silly and funny little gifts, things such as crazy accessories, candy jewellery, bubbles and glitter always goes down well. The ultimate goal is for the bride and her guests to bond and to have a blast before the wedding.

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