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Planning A Destination Wedding? Here Are 10 Things Nobody Tells You

Destination wedding planning can be overwhelming for everyone, the couple and also the guests too as it can all seem a tad overwhelming.

From this article, we hope to bust the myths and let you in on little secrets to make your paradise planning a little more bearable.

It’s not as expensive as you first think

If you think that being able to say ‘I do’ in a tropical location will mean that you will have to spend your entire wedding budget then you are easily mistaken. With a tidier guest list and in a stunning surrounding that needs little to no decor you will be spending less on pretty much everything. You are able to cut back on any travel costs by deciding on a destination that is easy to access to make things easier for yourselves and guests too.

You will need to know everything about your chosen location

Knowing the ins and outs of the location before you head out will smooth over any unnecessary hiccups or stress when you and your party arrive. Being able to figure out the logistics on marriage licenses to working out any weather patterns and sorting out transport before you go will save a lot of troubles later on.

Let your guests plan their own travel

Although you may feel it's your responsibility of planning your guests travel it really isn't. However, make sure they are all completely up to date with the most important and key information. Assembling a detailed travel pack providing them with the detail of airport information, accommodation and transportation is all you need to give. As long as they know the basics it's then up to them. Be sure to keep your phone at hand when guests are arriving though just so you are able to assist if needed.

Your guests WILL need an itinerary

You do not have to plan your guests’ travel but providing them with a list of activities for the duration of their stay is not only nice but also very necessary. Think about any fun nights on the town, dinners at the hotels on the first night. Don't, however, feel like you should plan their every move, giving a simple list of suggested activities and restaurants and let them explore on their own.

You are still able to rock a ball gown

Just because you are saying your nuptials by the sea it doesn't mean you have to rock up in flip flops and a casual dress, you can still, of course, wear the big ball gown that you have always dreamed of because you are going to do this princess-style.

It doesn't have to be an overboard beachy theme

Whether you have spent your days dreaming of a seashell filled wedding or find yourself leaning towards something else entirely, tying the knot in a destination soiree doesn't mean you are stuck with a beachy theme at all. Use your imagination as you are able to to change any destination into something else entirely.

A smaller guest list means more time with loved ones

We know that cutting the guest list is never an easy task. But having much fewer guests is a perfect way to spend quality time with the ones you really love. If you feel uneasy about having to limit the number of friends and family...don’t! We are sure that you will absolutely adore spending a week with them in paradise.  

You don't have to travel far away

If you think having a destination wedding is just sitting on a plane for eight hours then you are largely mistaken. Island locations are all around us no matter where you are in the world. If you are in the US you have St. Croix and St. Thomas and in the UK you have the isles of Jersey and Guernsey. Paradise is never that far away.

Hiring up a local isn't as hard as you think

Tackling a destination wedding can be a scary thought, but you can ease the pain by hiring a talented team who are the wedding pros. Finding the right people means that you are able to just enjoy your wedding without stressing, try not to worry about long worded emails or late night phone calls. You don't even need a face-to-face meeting in order to plan the wedding of your dreams...that's a promise.

Bring your wedding pros with you

Hiring a local planner is probably one of the best ideas you will have. If you have been eyeing up a wedding pro for a long time don't be scared to reach out and ask about if they do any services at other destinations, especially when it goes for photographers, they are almost always willing to travel.

Planning your destination wedding should be an exciting thing and not intimidating at all. After reading this hopefully, your mind is a bit more at ease.

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