Whilst we are by no means wedding experts (we know very little about cakes and seating plans!), over the years we have helped more than our fair share of brides choose their wedding umbrellas.

We know it’s easy to feel like rain will ruin all of the time you have spent meticulously planning your big day, but we’ve found that a few showers can actually add an element of romance to the occasion.

We’ve actually got so much to say on the subject that this instalment is coming at you in three whole parts! Check our top tips below and keep your eyes peeled for more wet wedding tips:


  1. Plan As If Rain Is Guaranteed

If at any point it is looking like there might be even the smallest chance of rain on your wedding day, plan as if it was going to pour for the whole day - think transportation, wedding umbrellas, tents... the lot. Go through the plans for your big day step by step and make sure they are rain-proofed. Not only will you feel especially chuffed if the sun decides to make an appearance, but if it does decide to rain that’s one less thing to stress about!

  1. Check The Weather

This may sound obvious but set up weather alerts on your phone and keep checking the forecast right up until the big day. As it gets closer to your wedding date, you will have a much better idea of whether it will rain and when - you can then make sure all the right people are prepped. Or if you have found wedding umbrellas suppliers that offer next day delivery, you may even feel comfortable holding off any orders until last minute. We’d recommend leaving a 1-2 day delivery buffer from when you need your items to account for courier issues and/or bank holidays!

  1. Rent A Tent

Your wedding venue may be perfect for catering to inclement weather conditions. If you are getting hitched in a manor house or hotel, you should have no issue making do when the rain starts. If you’ve chosen an outdoor venue, you may need to think about renting a tent. Always check with the venue first as they may have something stored away just in case. We’ve found many venues keep tents and wedding umbrellas to hand as standard. Otherwise most wedding suppliers will offer tents to rent last minute or, if you’re feeling thrifty, check for gazebos on eBay as it’s often cheaper than renting from a wedding supplier!