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Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be a one woman job!

Wedding planning: something we all know to be a big task, but not something anyone is ready to take on, especially those that were surprised by the pop of the question in the first place...


To begin with, planning your big day can to be a lot of fun; visiting venues, scanning the web for the latest wedding inspiration and dress designs, dates and weather predictions, why, you could happily do this as your full time job! But as the date draws closer, and the to-do list grows longer, it really does become your full time job and by this time, searching out all of your options, from food offerings to wedding umbrellas! The somewhat pleasant task can now feel like an endless marathon... and we all know who’s running this one!

Often the groom-to-be can seem to fade into the background when it comes to the planning side of things, yet conveniently pipes up when it’s organising the bar or tasting the food - funny that! Fortunately, we’re here to offer some easy tips on how to get your soon-to-be hubby involved and clued up in the world of wedding planning so the experience can be shared and the to-do list halved!

A good starting point we’ve found, is to write your guest list together. This gets him involved right from the word go and means you can both be happy knowing you’re sharing your day with the friends and family you both want there. You’ll also soon realise it’s something you need him to contribute to. You may have been together for a number of years, but this doesn’t mean you know who he wants included in his big day, especially considering the different circle of friends he may have.

Another easy, and perhaps obvious suggestion, is to let him plan his own stag do! This is something most women tend to steer clear of anyway; not knowing what they get up to with their mates is probably best for the most part, plus it means one less job for you... tick!

Choosing your wedding rings can be another enjoyable task to tick off together whilst staying on the topic of your wedding. Since these symbolise your relationship and are going to be worn forever, they really should be something you both have an input in.

And finally, play to his strengths! Maybe he’s into his music or he’s a foodie… whatever it is, find it and use it!

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