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Play golf in the rain with no problems

Any avid golfer will hate to see grey clouds and rain on the weather report that could put them off their weekend game, but our top tips for playing golf in the rain will mean that no amount of drizzle should put you off perfecting your swing.


This seems like an obvious one, but if you are a committed all-weather golfer, splash out on getting quality waterproof clothing, especially shoes and a hat which will keep the rain out of your eyes. And have backup dry clothing in your bag for when you head indoors.


Wind and rain combined can be tough on a large umbrella, so make sure any golf umbrellas you buy are good quality and strong. Check out our online store to find a suitable cheap golf umbrella to match your needs.

Waterproof bag and cover

There are numerous waterproof golf bags on the market, but also investing in an easy to attach cover will add another protective layer and help keep your gear dry.


If the rain sets in mid-play, you may well get through more than one glove, so always keep a spare somewhere where it will stay dry. You can also get special gloves with extra grip for when it does rain.

Dry towels

It can be very difficult to make a decent swing if your grips are too wet, so a supply of dry towels is recommended for wet-weather play. Remember to keep them in your waterproof bag, or even hang it from the underframe of your umbrella.

Allow for less run

When the ground is wet, the ball won’t run as far, and this needs to be factored into your play. Less run off the tee may mean you take more club on holes, where you might usually hold back. For example, putts will be slower meaning they need to be hit more firmly.

Accept the scoring will be worse

If you are determined to play in the rain, you also need to accept the scoring will not be as good than when the weather is fair. Don’t be despairing when you drop shots – it will be the same for everyone.

Hit firmer in the rougher

The wet grass will grab the club more when it is raining and slow the progress. Keep everything firmer through impact in wet rough to stop the grass grabbing the club and leading to any undesirable outcomes!

Image by: Alan Findlay

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