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Please David Cameron, let us have this device …

We imagine, like us, you’re sick of spontaneous downpours, soggy feet, damp hair and ruined newspapers. We imagine, like us, you’re sick of that anxious minute or two where you decide whether to take your umbrella to work or to leave it in your house. We imagine, like us, you want something done about the horrible, rainy, weather.

Unfortunately, the ideal resolution, that being a removal of all bad weather and an influx or warm, sunny temperatures to brace our skies, is something we cannot control nor request. However, some clever designers in Vancouver have created a brilliant way to escape those unexpected torrential downpours that so frequently ruin our day.

The designers have created an umbrella-sharing service where you can borrow and return an umbrella. The UmbraCity, runs in the same manner as London’s Boris Bike System, allowing residents and tourists, to shield from sudden bursts of rain without having to lug a huge umbrella for the duration of their day.

And guess what?

The service is completely free of charge, as long as you return the umbrella to a designated kiosk within 48 hours. You are asked to sign-up to the service using a credit card, as a charge of $1 per day will be applicable for any brollies not returned.

The downside to this brilliant invention is that its only available in Vancouver. However, with a desperate plea we urge David Cameron to consider incorporating the scheme throughout the whole of the UK.

I mean, come on, we do get nearly all the bad weather!

Whilst we wait in hope for the UmbraCity to make its way to the streets of Great Britain, thank goodness we have some brilliant customised umbrellas for sale at our wonderful umbrella company. Check out our website for our fabulous range.

Image: Daniel Christensen available via Creative Commons.

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