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Beat the Post Holiday Blues with an Umbrella

We all know how the light can affect people’s moods at this time of year. Crisp, bright autumn mornings are one thing, but on those days when the sky is grey and the daylight in short supply, it can seem as if the summer is a very distant memory. That’s why you might be searching for other methods of injecting some light into your life while we’re waiting for spring. Surprisingly, your new umbrella could be one unexpected solution to all this! Take a look at the Holi-Brolly.

 This revolutionary kind of umbrella uses the very latest light therapy technology and an uplifting feel-good aroma to revitalise the mundane experience of walking in the rain into something more like a therapy session. The Holi-Brolly was developed in Jamaica by Dawn Goldworm, whose own experience of synaesthesia led her to consider giving a multi sensory boost to the common brolly.

The science is impressive - especially for an umbrella! It’s about activating the limbic system, to play with the psychological affects of vision and perfume, and it’s designed to be conducive to reliving happy memories of holidays and leisure times. So, basically, you can be walking through a busy town centre in a sudden downpour, take out your umbrella and imagine that you’re waltzing across the warm sand on your favourite beach in August.

As part of the research and development for this high tech umbrella, a survey was developed to find out what British people found contributed to their melancholy and sadness about coming home from holiday. Top of that list was the thought of returning to work. Other post-holiday mood swing factors were found to be tiredness, commuting and that enormous pile of emails waiting to be opened. The Holi-Brolly hopes to be a way to tell your brain you’re still lying there on your sun bed somewhere in Marbella.

So if you’re looking for a way, not just to shelter from the rain, but to be transported back into your happy place for a while, check out the Holi-Brolly. It’s an ideal gift for anyone who suffers from SAD (seasonally affected disorder) where lack of light in the autumn and winter months can be a trigger for depression.

Trial models are available in Manchester and Coventry, and with any luck they’ll be developed into a mainstream product. We’re holding out for the disco lights version…

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