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Preparations for the best man

So, your friend has asked you to be the best man at his wedding! This isn’t something that happens every day and it is quite a big deal. With so much to remember and get done we’ve created a check list for you, so that you can get organised and relax a little.


Infographic, best man preperation

Being asked to fill this role at a wedding is a real compliment from the future groom, if you needed any confirmation of your friendship, then this is it. He has invited you to share his wedding in a more intimate way than a regular guest, you’ll be spending it with the bride, groom, and their close family. The best man is a big part of the celebrations and very involved in the functioning of the day.

Being a best man requires you to perform many different roles. The preparation, ceremony and the reception will demand different things from you, it is no easy task but a fantastic thing to be able to do for your friend. You will be the guy who gives the groom the pep talk in the changing room while he’s getting ready, holding his rings, the wedding umbrellas, keeping nerves calm and trying to allow him to enjoy the day and not worry too much. Try to take the weight of his shoulders and support him through this pivotal moment in his life. It isn’t all about an indulgent stag do, although if you get that right it’ll be a brilliant start!

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