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How to prepare for unexpected rain on golf day!

If we could have it our way, we’d play golf when the sun is shining and the breeze is gentle. But sometimes playing in the rain is unavoidable.

As a golfer, you will no doubt be aware that playing in the rain can create a few challenges. Not only does the condition and responsiveness of the course change but also your tactics and approach to the game. Although we can’t offer top tips on game play in the rain, we can offer tips on how to be prepared for it!

First things first, equip yourself with a trolley and brolly! Unlike pro golfers, most of us don’t have a caddy whose sole purpose in the wet is to make sure both you and your clubs stay dry.  The next best alternative therefore, and a must for playing in the rain, is to buy yourself a golf umbrella. Paired with a trolley for your clubs and an umbrella holder to attach the two together, you and your gear can stay dry for 90% of your game (the other 10% being you taking your shot!) The holder also means you don’t have to find a spot for your umbrella in between each shot.

Next up, make sure you have a towel and an extra pair of gloves. On rainy days, one of the biggest challenges is keeping a secure grip on your clubs. With no shelter from your umbrella whilst taking a shot, your gloves and clubs will get wet. Always keeping an extra pair of gloves and towel with you is the smartest way to overcome this. Taking your gloves off between each shot and hanging them on the underside spokes of your umbrella rather than in your pocket will also keep them dryer for longer in heavy rain. When it comes to a towel, the larger the better! This is to ensure it sees you past more than the first few holes.

Following that, and a tip which is quite self explanatory, is the use of a golf bag. Perfect for keeping all your bits and bobs including your towel and gloves together and dry. Golf bags usually come with a rain hood for your clubs which we advise keeping in there for when the weather does decide to turn grey.

It’s also worth removing any club head covers before you play in the rain. Those things soak up rain like a sponge and will result in water trickling down your clubs, wetting the grip.

Finally, stay positive and persistent! We all hit some of our worst shots in the rain and although you might underhit putts or shoot a higher score, so will most of the other players in the same conditions. It’s all about enjoying it and giving it your best attempt, and if you remember the essentials outlined in this article then you’re already ahead of the game before stepping out onto the course.

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