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Be prepared for the British National Surf Championships with our weather forecast

It’s recently been announced that the 2015 British National Surf Championships are set to be held in North Devon’s popular tourist resort of Croyde Bay. If you are heading down to enjoy the showcase of some of the country’s elite surfers then you’ll want to know what the weather has in store.

A black and white photo inside the barrel of a wave near Jollybrolly HQ.

The British National Surf Championships, seen as the flagship event in the surfing calendar will be taking place on September 26th, with visitors from all over the UK heading to the North Devon coast to marvel in the abundance of fine displays.


Surfing GB Operations Manager, Nick Rees, said: "The event is a highlight for competitive surfing within the UK and serves to showcase the wealth of talent we have, extending from our very youngest guns to the old guard, all of whom shred and are the very definition of what British competitive surfing is all about.”


"Two days of highly-focused and passionate surfing in all divisions will culminate in the crowning of champions and the awarding of the most prestigious title – the British champion.”


The big question for visitors to the championships will undoubtedly be pointing towards the weather during the event, and at present, forecasts are reporting it will be mostly cloudy with a couple of showers and a thunderstorm, mainly later, during the day. Temperatures are expected to reach 19c with lows of 10c as we head into the latter stages of the evening.


This is sure to be an amazing spectacle, and you may need to order wholesale umbrellas to make sure everyone is dry throughout the event, but you never know, you might need them to shade you from the blazing sun, it is England, after all!

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