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Be prepared for rainy days with these activities

Even though summer is approaching, the weather is warmer and there are fewer rainy days, the British weather can be a little unpredictable, so when the weather changes to wind and rain, you should be prepared with some indoor activities, whether with your family or stuck in alone.

Treasure hunt

If you have young ones stuck in the house too, you can keep them entertained with a treasure hunt. Provide some numbered clues for all the players, leading onto the next clue, and finally the treasure. Whoever finds the treasure first – a pile of chocolate, some extra pocket money or a cuddly toy – is declared the winner. Alternatively, get the children playing as a team, so no-one is left out!

Hide and seek

If your indoor area is big enough, a game of hide and seek, or the reverse game of sardines, will be a great way to keep the kids occupied for hours! With sardines, it is just one person hiding, and everyone looks for them and joins them in their hiding place until one person is left looking!

Treat yourself

With the rain pouring down, why not treat yourself to a long hot soak in the bath, give yourself a body scrub, deep condition your hair and maybe try out those fancy lotions that make your skin and hair shine. Giving yourself a little pamper on a miserable looking day will definitely brighten your spirits.

Make a camp or blanket fort

Whether you are trapped inside with your family or friends, there is nothing more fun than building a tent in the living room, or a series of blanket forts throughout the house. Make them comfy with cushions, pillows and sleeping bags, and you can have an indoor picnic in your specially made fort!

Jigsaws and board games

A rainy day is a great time to get out the giant jigsaw you were meaning to finish, or a chance to have a re-match with one of your board games. If you bring out monopoly, be prepared for some fierce competition! If you don’t have your own version, you can create your own!


As the rain batters the window, doing some baking of cookies and cakes will cheer everyone up. The smell of baking cakes will get everyone forgetting about the rain, and you can get your kids helping – but make sure they don’t pinch any of the cookies before you’re finished!

Movie marathon

Having a movie marathon is something you can do as a family, with a group of friends or even snuggled on the sofa alone. Make sure there is something for everyone, bring out some old classics, some animated films for the kids, and maybe add in something you recorded on TV. Have lots of blankets about to keep cosy under, and some snacks and drinks to keep you going.

And don’t forget to grab your clear umbrella from Jolly Brolly if you have to head out into the rain!

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