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Problems every umbrella user faces

The British weather often makes a walk out in the rain with an umbrella near impossible. Not only does the rain belt down on it, but the wind whips it back up. There are endless puddles to avoid, as well as trying to avoid poking anyone else in the eye.

But we need umbrellas – and at Jolly Brolly we have umbrellas for all occasions, so you won’t be caught unaware when the heavens open and you hopefully won’t face all the problems umbrella users have:

The height: Walking down a crowded street, everyone is at different heights. Whether you’re the tall one or short one, negotiating an umbrella is always difficult. Be prepared to say and hear ‘sorry’ over and over again.

Looking ahead: As the wind batters your umbrella so you can’t lift it above your face, you have to trust your feet and hope you won’t bump into anyone. When the wind and rain are that strong, you have to give up trying to look further ahead than a few feet.

Blowing inside out: When you feel that tug of wind catching the umbrella and it starts to blow inside out, there is little you can do to sort it out before it is completely inside out. Don’t worry, this happens to the best of us.

Shaking it off: Every time you step into a shop, or get back into your house or office, there is the dripping wet umbrella to deal with. Shaking it off inside seems rude, and the drops will inevitably fly into someone’s face but you can’t stand there creating a lake with all the drips!

The determined face: Seeing other people battling with an umbrella against the rain is sure to give you a giggle and an understanding smile. Our frustration at the unyielding weather and battered umbrella shows most obviously on our grimacing faces.

The finger pinch: Unless you have a fancy umbrella that opens with the press of a button, you will know of the struggle of trying to not get your finger caught in the catch. And if you do – we also feel your pain!

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